Kimberly Calderbank For Ward 2 Burlington


The Burlington we live in – Our Burlington (Our Ward)

Ward 2 is going through an exciting and integral change. With this change comes concerns surrounding over-development and over-intensification. More so, there is a LOT of un-answered questions and Community members feeling left in the dark, and although they are voicing their opinions, they feel unheard.

This growth brings new challenges and questions: Do we have the infrastructure? How will we manage traffic? Will young people be able to afford to buy a home here? Why are your taxes still going up? Will your streets and neighbourhoods be safe for your children? Businesses are worried the rents will get too high. Residents are concerned about loss of Downtown character. Others worry unwanted change will come to their low-density neighbourhoods.


We need to listen more, we need to engage more, and we need to empower our Community members more.

As an entrepreneur, a Community advocate, and as a mother, I know that with new challenges always come new opportunities. My goal is not to simply be an outspoken voice at City Hall, but to be an EFFECTIVE voice FOR YOU.  If we’re going to grow, let’s not only grow bold, let’s grow smart. We want our city to stay beautiful, stay safe, and stay healthy.  Let’s grow in ways that are best for US, our children, and best for our local businesses.  I will make sure you always have a seat at the table when decisions are being made and that your voices are heard. But we need to work together as a Community. So let’s find the answers. Let’s do more than talk about what we don’t like about these changes to our Community, and actually work on solutions. If we’re going to grow, let’s grow in a way that’s best FOR YOU and our city.

Authenticity, Transparency and Collaboration!

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